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How to Solve Clean Cooking for 4 Billion People


Ben Jeffreys

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Evolve is a show to help you become a hero and solve the worlds greatest challenges. Brandon Stover interviews social innovators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers about the global problems we face and the solutions they have created to solve them. The goal is to help you find purpose & learn skills for social impact so you can contribute to these solutions or create new ones.

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"I am honored to be here. I am a big fan of what Brandon & Evolve stand for. For what they are working on. So thank you for having me."

- Ruben Harris | Cofounder & CEO of Career Karma
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"Brandon is a knowledgeable, gracious, and exciting host who makes every podcast episode easy, fun, and informative. I'd highly recommend learning from him."

- Scott J. Miller| Former CMO and EVP of Thought Leadership at Franklin Covey & #1 Bestselling Author
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"Most podcast hosts will have a guest on and then insert their anecdotes just to hear themselves. Brandon does a great job asking a question and letting the guest process it and answer without interruption. Evolve is deserving of you hitting up the “SUBSCRIBE” button."

- James McKinney| Founder & Host of the Startup Story
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"Really great podcast for entrepreneurs who want to scale quickly and make a positive impact. Recommend!"

- Paul Shapiro| Co-founder of The Better Meat Co. & National Best Selling Author
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"This is an awesome show and awesome platform. It says a lot about the questions Brandon was asking. I can tell he his passionate about this and I am honored to be on the show."

- Mandela SH Dixon| Founder & CEO of Founder Gym
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