Evolution Of The World Requires Evolution Of The Individual

Evolve's mission is to liberate the entrepreneur’s mind with belief and tools for execution to ask and solve the world’s greatest challenges while living fulfilling lives. We do this through disruptive education, entertainment, & philosophy at scale.

I believe that in order to solve the world’s biggest challenges, it is going to have to evolve. And in order for the world to evolve, we must start with the individual person.

The world is made up of collective systems which are defined by both it’s individual parts and the summation of those parts as a whole. In order to change a system you can either change the entire system, which will in result in change its parts, or you can change the parts, which will result in changing the entire system.

Think of the collective of our society as a whole organism and each individual person within that society as a single cell. When we introduce something like a virus to a single cell, it will change and begin to affect all the other cells around it. Over time this affects the entire organism.

So when we introduce an idea that changes an individual, that individual will change and begin to affect all the other individuals around them. Over time this affects the entire world at large.

But how do we evolve an individual?  In order to achieve this I will need to fundamentally change the way people think, learn, and take action in their lives.

Historically this has been done through education, entertainment (storytelling), and philosophy. So my work will be an intersection of those realms.

I also believe that entrepreneurship has become a catalyst for change. Which is why I will be starting my own companies and leading others to do so as well.


You are only as good as what you write down. This manifesto is a living, breathing document of what I believe the university of the future looks like.  I can't do this alone, so please leave any feedback you have.

No Bullshit. What Would It Take?

Execution Phase 1


After taking a deep understanding of the education system and identifying the core problems, I will create an idea that will be the foundation for unlocking people’s minds. The idea will start with a niche user group of early adopters before expanding and being accepted by the mass market during the growth phase.

Execution Phase 2


In order to effect at a global scale, I will build out media assets centered around the Evolve brand. This media network will deliver the education, entertainment, and philosophy to the masses. This will also act as content marketing to bring people into this life long learning ecosystem and foster community growth.

Execution Phase 3


Education is the foundation upon which we build our ideas and create new things. Ignorance keeps us from evolving ourselves and the world as a whole. With online learning & decentralized physical location around the globe, the university will help students identify who they are, what problem they want to solve, and build the skills necessary to do so.



Revolutionize the education system with global university


Build a media network to influence transformation & positive living


Provide the tools necessary to create economic engines of global impact


Assemble avenger team of coaches


Create community of modern day philosophers & entrepreneurs



We don't have core values, because values mean nothing without action. So these are our core behaviors and how we live them.

1. Education is free

Access to information should be available to all. Knowledge is only potential power. You are paid for the value of service you provide for helping organize and apply that knowledge.

2. Edutainment

In order to inspire change in people you must meet them where they are. People enjoy entertainment more than education, so you must provide both.

3. Evolution

We believe that every person has the ability to change, adapt, and grow. It's our mission to challenge the status quo at every level from the individual to world at large to leave a positive impact.

4. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest catalysts for change and entrepreneurs are the ones who are always questioning the world and producing something to answer that question.

5. Cut through the Bullshit

Brutal honesty, transparency, and integrity. We are real and raw about ourselves and the realities of the world.

6. Community

The human animal was made to be in tribes. We want to foster community that unites us a human race and impacts us all positively

7. Philosophy

We foster creativity, innovation, and questioning of life's biggest questions to help us all live prosperous & passionate lives.

Where does the Podcast fit in this master plan?

Building a media network to influence transformation & positive living.

From the beginning of our species, we have been passing along collective knowledge through entertainment, specifically story telling. Cavemen drew pictures on walls telling stories of hunting & their tribes. We shared stories around the fire that taught everyone life lessons. Plays, dances, songs, all have been used across cultures to pass along knowledge about life and what it means to live. 

Modern day society is no different. The mediums have just changed. Through books, movies, video games, podcasts, tv shows, we continue to tell stories that fundamentally change the way we think and pass along teachings and new ideas.

Objective 1: Build Community Of 1000 True Fans
Objective 2: Create Value Add Marketing To Attract Customers
Objective 3: Network w/ influential thought leaders and entrepreneurs
Objective 4: Build the Evolve Brand in Personal development and startup space
Objective 5: Provide inspirational ideas and tactical advice for entrepreneurs

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About Brandon Stover

Founder, Executive Coach, Podcast Host

Currently, I help early stage startup founders enhance leadership & increase resiliency to build without burnout through executive coaching focused on holistic founder development. Through a fully personalized, 360 degree, integrated approach focused on mind, body, leadership, and practical skills we work together to evolve you from early founder to effective leader & CEO as your company moves into growth phase.

As a certified professional coach, I draw on a wide variety of experiences to help clients design a more conscious life and make needed changes to their career to improve their performance and satisfaction. All backed by neuroscience, positive psychology, & functional wellness.

As a podcast host of the five star rated show Evolve, I dive into the world's most thought provoking leaders and successful founders to educate, inspire, and empower your success in leaving impact on the world.

As an entrepreneur and a human, I get all the struggles you are going through. I have been there too.

If you feel ready to evolve yourself as a founder, let’s talk: brandon@brandonstover.com


Author, Arts Technologist, Educator, and Speaker

"Brandon is well-versed in so many areas with entrepreneurship; through research and experience, he has developed himself, his business, and aims to help others by connecting individuals and ideas. He has a great voice, great questions, and is very thoughtful. I think you'll learn something new you hadn't heard anywhere else, and may also learn more about yourself."


Certified Body Language Trainer and Coach

"Brandon is a walking example of what it means to evolve. His energy is contagious and his vulnerability and transparency is refreshing. His journey as an entrepreneur is still growing, which makes his ideas and strategies feel relatable and feasible. Definitely check it out!"


Author, Founder of Cloud Nine Living

"Brandon is the most prepared interviewer I have ever come across. He does so much research beforehand, I think he surprised the interviewees with information about themselves that they may have forgotten in the past! It is refreshing and impressive to find a show and a host that really cares"

About Us? It's About You.

The world does not evolve based on one person. It takes a tribe of people all bettering themselves and taking massive action in the world. Because of this, we are here to serve you in your own evolution. Our work will never be done because entrepreneurial missions are big, visions are long, and needs are ever-changing. We appreciate you and are here for you for the long haul.

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