An interview on Evolve is unlike any other interview you have had on a podcast. Period. Share your story and expertise with an audience that includes early stage founders and entrepreneurs building mission driven businesses aimed at making an impact on the world.



1) Choose a date and time

Using the calender, please choose a date and time that best works for you for our 60 minute interview.

2) Look over the interview structure

Below is everything you will need to know about the interview beforehand including what to expect and FAQ's.

3) use your zoom link to attend the interview

When you schedule your interview you will be given a Zoom Meeting Room link. The interview will be recorded on Zoom using both video and audio so please prepare accordingly.

What is in it for you

Tired of having the same interview over and over again? Podcast host's not asking you the questions that really matter to you?

On the Evolve podcast you will have an opportunity to share your story, your expertise, your values, and answering some of life's bigger questions. This will be an interview unlike any other you have had before

As a bonus you will also gain some street cred and promotion among an audience of like minded entrepreneurs all pushing the world to evolve.

About Brandon

Brandon Stover is the host of Evolve. His mission is aim to evolve the individual through education, entertainment, and philosophy so together we can ask the world's biggest questions, build businesses to solve them, & live fulfilling lives in the process.

He is currently researching and developing the university of the future that promotes life long learning, skill acquisition, missions over majors, and developing the whole human.

He is also a certified professional coach, drawing on a wide variety of experiences to help clients design a more conscious life and make needed changes to their career to improve their performance and satisfaction. All backed by neuroscience, positive psychology, & functional wellness.

About the Podcast

This show is a masterclass in life and business diving into the world's most thought provoking leaders and successful business founders including Ruben Harris, Jeremy Rossmann, Ketan Anjaria, Jonathan Levi, Justin Lafazan, & more.

The Evolve audience is comprised of early stage founders and entrepreneurs building mission driven businesses aimed at making an impact on the world. They know that to make change in the world they have to start with themselves. So they come to this show to ask bigger questions, find the tools and tactics to make them better entrepreneurs, and to be inspired by other’s stories.

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What to expect

BEFORE THE Interview

After you schedule your interview on the calendar, you will be sent over a zoom link and rough outline of theme of questions being asked during the interview.

Because each interview is uniquely crafted to suit the guest, the questions are not the same for every interview.


During THE Interview

The interview will be about 60 minutes in length and be recorded with VIDEO & AUDIO.

The beginning of the interview will start with thoughtfully crafted introduction (many guests have asked for this intro afterwards for their publicists!)

After the introduction we will follow this rough outline:

  • Part 1) Your Story, Your Mission, Your Secret Sauce - 30 mins
    This is all about your story, the challenges you faced along the way, and some knowledge from your specific expertise.

  • Part 2) Your values, Your Ideals, & Answering Life's hardest questions - 30 mins
    This is where we get to your deepest values and what drives you, your ideals on business and life, and where you see  the world going.

  • Last Question
    My last question is the one I ask every interview and only one that needs a well thought out response beforehand which is: How can we push the world to evolve?

Post Interview

After the interview I will be editing the episode for publication. Depending on how many guests are in front of you, your episode will be live within 14-90 days. You can expect an email from me before your show goes live with all the links to your episode.

Included in publication will be:

- Audio distributed accross all podcast platforms
- Video distributed on Youtube and Facebook
- Blog post published on the Evolve website
- Co-branded Social share landing page for week of episode
- Co-branded Social share graphics for social media

To help improve the quality of the show, you will be asked to fill out a short 3 minute feedback form.

To get your story out to a wider audience, you can also leave a review on iTunes.



Ruben Harris

Cofounder & CEO of Y Combinator Backed Career Karma

"I am honored to be here. I am a big fan of what Brandon & Evolve stand for. For what they are working on. So thank you for having me."

mandela dixon

Founder & CEO of Founder Gym

"This is an awesome show and awesome platform. It says a lot about the questions Brandon was asking. I can tell he his passionate about this and I am honored to be on the show."

Caleb guilliams

Author, Founder of Better Wealth Solutions

"It was a pleasure being on the show. Brandon did an incredible job asking questions, doing his research, and this was super enjoyable. Thank you for making my day letting me be on your show.


Podcast Interview FAQ’s

Here is a list of common podcast interview FAQ’s that I get. Please review them before hopping on a chat so that we are both aligned.

How do I schedule an interview on the podcast?

If you do not already have a slot on my calendar, then you can pick a time slot that is convenient for your calendar here.

What should I do to prepare for the interview?

Just be cool, calm, and relaxed. It’s nothing more than a chat between friends so don’t make it something more than it is.

Do I need any special equipment for the podcast?

Obviously audio quality is really important for a podcast, so if you have an external microphone that would be great. If you don’t have one it’s not the end of the world.

Be at your computer when we do the interview and not on your mobile phone. You can plug-in your mic or headphones into the computer and be ready to go.

Zoom, the audio/video conference software I use, is over the internet, so make sure you have….. internet. Zoom cost nothing for you. You’ll just click the link included in your Calendar invite. (Note: the link will not immediately be available in your calendar event but I will be sure to add it before the scheduled time)

How long will the interview take?

Around 60 minutes, but please let me know ahead of time if your schedule it tight.

Does it matter where I’m at for the recording?

Yes, this matters a ton! It should be somewhere quiet to ensure there isn’t a lot of background noise. Sorry, Starbucks won’t work for this, neither will driving down the road in your car.If you have a fan or something that makes noise where you plan to do the interview, either move it or cut it off.

What do I do when it’s time for the interview?

Go to the calendar invite and look at the notes/description. There you will find a Zoom link – click on that. (note: I add the Zoom link after you schedule the time slot, so if you do not see it immediately on the calendar invite, don’t worry, I’ll add it.)

What if there is a period of bad connection?

Don’t sweat it, I can edit it out. If you didn’t hear something I asked because it cut out, just ask me to repeat.

What questions will you ask?

Because each interview is uniquely crafted to suit the guest, the questions are not the same for every interview. However you can view a rough outline here.

The last question I ask every guest is "how can we push the world to evolve?"

Can I curse or use profanity on the show?

Yes. It occasionally slips out of my mouth when I'm also passionately talking about something.

Will there be any breaks?

Nope, not unless you need it. If you need to take a restroom break, no biggie, I can edit it out.

Is it ok to promote my business, product, or book?

For sure, I’m sure it will come up in the discussion and I will also give you a chance at the end to plug your product/service.

How long before it will be live?

It depends on how many episodes I have in the queue. Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Any other miscellaneous stuff I should know?

Place your mobile phone, tablet, etc on Do Not Disturb mode.

Get some water before we start.

Cut off any computer applications that sync data as it impacts audio quality. Best thing to do is just exit anything that is not Zoom. Exit out of any other tabs you may have in your browser.

If you have a habit of tinkering with things when you talk, please remove items that can make noise while we talk such as: paper, which people tend to shuffle around; pens, which people tend to click and open; mouse, which people tend to click; other items on your desk, which people tend to slide around. All these things get picked up by the microphone.