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Evolve is a show to help you become a hero and solve the worlds greatest challenges. Brandon Stover interviews social innovators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers about the global problems we face and the solutions they have created to solve them. The goal is to help you find purpose & learn skills for social impact so you can contribute to these solutions or create new ones.  Brandon asks thought provoking questions to the understand the complexity of  issues from climate change to education, and reveal the the tools, tactics, and wisdom of these innovators to educate, inspire, and empower your success in leaving impact on the world.

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How to Solve the Education Crisis

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December 6, 2021
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Despite the transformation of our world in every context, education has not updated it's models to address the needs our current world. Education has failed to fulfill it's purpose in helping each student thrive individually and helping to better humanity as a collective. This article sources problems and solutions discovered during interviews with experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs in education on the Evolve podcast.

Key Takeaways

  • The traditional framework of schooling has multiple elements that are contributing to the scope of the problem: curriculum, isolated disciplines, focus on external motivators, division by age groups, and restrictive boundaries of formal institutions.
  • If the education crisis is not addressed, our society faces large consequences such as an $8.5 trillion dollar skills gap by 2030.
  • The education lies at the root of all other systems including but not limited to the economic system, the political system, the energy system, the transportation system, the legal system and the healthcare system
  • If we want to solve the education crisis, we must address other systems outside of education that influence it including all stakeholders, higher education, and money and resource allocation.
  • The building blocks for solutions include: connecting curriculum to real challenges, connecting curriculum to personal interests, developing the entire student, taking an interdisciplinary approach, online-learning, cultivating student relationships, engage learners in application of knowledge, and using competency based assessment.
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